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Kooba Kids Reunion

During my days with the NSW Department of Lands I used to travel to our office in Wagga Wagga.  A bloke called Phil Lonnie worked in the Wagga Wagga office and, as kids (young teenagers) we grew up in the same newly developed irrigation farming area that was called North Kooba.

Every time I went to Wagga Phil would ask "What happened to ......??"  If I knew, I would tell him what I knew about that particular person.  Usually I only knew second hand information about people.  I would hear stuff from someone who knew someone who knew the actual person.

I changed Government Departments a couple of years ago and moved back to Griffith, my original home town and where most of the Kooba Kids have remained.  

Recently I was in a service workshop and saw a bloke there that looked familiar so I said "you look like Greg K------r"  He looked at me and replied "Wadey!"   We talked for a while and I mentioned Phil Lonnie.  Greg and Phil were closer mates because they lived on the south east section of the farming community. 

They haven't seen each other for about 20 years so I thought, why not try to pull this mob back together for a bit of a get together?  After all, we're not getting any younger! The biggest problem for me is, I'm not big on these kinds of events so organising one is gunna be a real challenge.

The major problem, as it is with all get-togethers, is pinning down a day that suits everyone.  So far, the ones I have spoken to all have issues in their lives and who doesn't??  This naturally makes it difficult for those people to commit to a given date in the future.

I guess the main thing now is to pick a date, and work towards that.  If we get to that date and everyone can make it, we've had a win.  If not, we go to Plan B and work toward the Kooba Kids Reunion No.2.

If by some chance you are one of the Kooba Kids of the 1960s and want to be a part of the reunion, please send me an email  with your contact details.  Go to the Contact page and use the email form there.  You can also call me on 04 4769 0004