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New Motorcycle Lift table

Lift TableI have been watching Motorcycle Lift Tables for a few weeks now, trying to work out if I could build my own.

The cost in Australia runs about $350 to $370.  The only places I can find them are cities away from where I live now so getting it here is a problem. 

They weigh about 150kgs in the packing box and freight to my town ends up being around $320.  This makes the total cost $670 to $690.

A few came up a lot cheaper on eBay and were freight free, but the seller had a feedback score of 0%.  I wrote to them to ask how they worked the freight.  Funnily enough, the listing disappeared overnight only to reappear under a different seller name (again 0% feedback) and in a different location.

I gave these blokes a complete miss and decided to go with the one on the left which was in Sydney.

On the last weekend in September 2013, I drove to Albury to see my friends (260kms).   On the following Monday, I drove from Albury to Seven Hills in Sydney to pick up the motorcycle lift table, loaded it into my Transit Van and headed back to Griffith.

This was a total of 1,100kms and took 13 hours non-stop, except to load the lift table in Sydney.  If I add the drive to Albury as well it made a trip of 1,400 for the weekend.  Fuel for the trip to Sydney worked out at about $200 so there was a bit of a saving in freight there.

When I got home at 8:30pm I went to open the box to have a bit of a look at my purchase.  Lifting the wooden lid I found an air hose.  The instructions also showed an "Air Lift Table".  My first thoughts were "great, all that driving and I have been given the wrong bloody lift table."

The next morning I got up, unpacked it and started setting it up.  It was a great relief to find the table was both air (pneumatic) lift and hydraulic lift.

After bolting the wheel clamps and wheel stop onto it I realised it didn't have any tie-down point on it.  No big deal, I drilled four holes in it to attach tie-down straps.

Then after battling with my "Parts Bike" (with the flat tyres) I found the bloody table was about 100mm too short.  The rear wheel still sat on the removable ramp section.  Buggered if I know how you'd go putting a Harley on it? 

It now looks like I will have to design and weld up an extension for the back of the table, especially if I'm going to be building bikes that are stretched a bit longer that a Honda XL250.