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Postie Bikes

My Honda CT110 Ag versionA Postie Bike is a Honda CT110 still used by Australia Post "Posties" for delivering mail throughout Aussie suburbia.

(Do an eBay search on for Postie Bikes).

There's a huge trend or cult following for these bikes and I've heard stories of old (over 60s) Bikers riding these things through some pretty harsh conditions. 

A trip from Adelaide in South Australia 1,500kms through the arid Australian desert to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Now, I also know these blokes are some pretty tough Bikers.  When they get outta town and away from the Cops, they start drinking Piss (grog like beer, Jack or Bundy (Bundaberg Rum and Coke)). 

A few hours of this in 400C Aussie temperatures the gravitational pull tends to increase on one side of the little Honda CT110 and these blokes hit the dust.

Road crews following behind pick up the Biker and chuck him (or her) into the back of a car/truck, load the bike up and move on to the next victim of the heat. 

It's the heat that brings 'em undone, not the grog!  It's bloody hot out there!