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 About Wadey

There's not much to know really.  I suppose I could say I am one of those people that have a head full of useless information, not enough to go on quiz shows but enough to keep my head busy.

Basically I was born in a south western New South Wales town a long time ago.  I went to school there, started work there, got married there and my wife and I had our three kids there.  Then we moved to a city in southern New South Wales on the Murray River.

I have passed my middle age, so that so-called Mid Life Crises has passed.  I didn't get the sports car or the Harley, mainly because I couldn't afford it.  Couldn't afford it then and the way things are looking, I won't be able to ever afford it.  I knew when it arrived because I was questioning my self worth. 

Thankfully all of that is behind me now and I am enjoying every minute of every day.  I knew there was more to life but just didn't know where to look and, me being me, I looked in all the wrong places! 

Such is life, I guess.