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Wadeys Artwork

Over the years I have "dabbled" with painting.  With retirement on the horizon I reckon I will have plenty of time to pick up the brushes again.  In fact, I have already started.

I have looked at a few different painting training DVDs and am in the process of setting myself up in a small art studio. 

The hardest part about getting into the painting at the moment is working through the unbearable back pain resulting from a recent back injury.  However, I intend to keep battling on.

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Never Again

This oil painting was created from a holiday photograph taken when watching my daughter and a friend collecting pieces of shell and pebbled washed up on the beach by the surf.


Look What I Found

This watercolour work was done to try a copy the style of Joseph Wright of Derby and his 1768 painting "An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump".  Wright used a powerful central light source to create a chiaroscuro effect.  The effect would have turned out better if I had used oils instead of watercolour.  



Never Again 

I tried using acrylic paints to do a full sized painting for the first time.  The paint on the palette had to be sprayed with water constantly to keep it moist and workable.  I found this really annoying compared to using oil paint with a slow drying medium where paint would stay workable on the palette for over a week.  The other annoying aspect of acrylic was the way it becomes darker when it dries.  To have some control over it you need to mix colours about two tones lighter than you want.

After battling with these issues the difference in tones between wet and dry were so great I decided "Why bother?".  At least watercolours may dry lighter than the mixed colours but the tonal difference is minimal compared to acrylics.  I would much sooner use oils where the colour you mix on the palette is the colour that ends up on the canvas.      

As a result of these issues I think I'll call this painting "Never Again".